Cloud Storage

We store a user’s configurations in their Google Drive. In order to do this, we need to have Google Service Permission. If the user agrees, we store their collections, dock apps, moments, and other specifications in their Drive.

What user information do we store?

We store the following information:

  1. Device and Document Info: the name of the device, Android identifier, and the version of the document.
  2. Collections: All collections that the user has on their cell phone. Every collection contains the name of the collection, color, type, icon, information related to a shared collection (if it’s necessary), and the items of each collection (apps, contacts, and shortcuts).
  3. Moments: Information related to Moments (timestamp, location, wifi, etc.) when a collection and associated widgets of 9 Cards shows on the home screen.

JSON Structure in Google Drive

Names of the fields and types of the structure that we store in Google Drive:


  "deviceId": String,
  "deviceName": String,
  "documentVersion": Int,
  "collections": Seq[CloudStorageCollection],
  "moments": Seq[CloudStorageMoment],
  "dockApps": Seq[String] // List of package names of applicactions


  "name": String,
  "icon": String,
  "category": Option[String],
  "collectionType": String,
  "originalSharedCollectionId": Option[String],
  "sharedCollectionId": Option[String],
  "sharedCollectionSubscribed": Option[Boolean],
  "items": Seq[CloudStorageCollectionItem],
  "moment": Option[CloudStorageMoment]


  "title": String,
  "itemType": String,
  "intent": String


  "timeslot": Seq[CloudStorageMomentTimeSlot],
  "wifi": Seq[String],
  "headphones": Boolean


  "from": String,
  "to": String,
  "days": Seq[Int]